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About P2i

P2i is focused on providing revenue generating digital opportunities through our own suite of products, as well as by powering database-powered services and solutions, for the publishing and advertising industry.

Our core business at P2i is the rapid extraction, conversion, hosting and serving of digital content to our customers. Source content comes from a variety of sources. Examples include electronic files from traditional publishers; data sourced from online sites and retail ad content. Once the source content has passed through our processes it is delivered in a wide range of formats to fit the ever evolving needs of our customers, ultimately becoming a critical component of their customer-facing sites.

P2i provides services from facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Manila, Philippines and Orem, Utah delivering data for thousands of sites.

Major P2i clients include newspapers from the Tribune and The Free Newspaper Association as well as content and technology providers such as Shop Local, SRDS Numerous magazine publishers, retailers, industrial and corporate clients throughout North America and Europe use our services.