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Hosted Solutions

Publishers large and small use p2ionline.comarray of customizable, turnkey, hosted products for entire publications, sections and vertical-specific solutions.

Utilizing proprietary technology, P2i converts print media ads into interactive, online content that is seamlessly incorporated into existing newspaper/publisher web sites. All print content ads are first created electronically at the newspaper or publisher, merged with electronically-created editorial copy, paginated using sophisticated software, edited on a local or wide area network, and transmitted to the printing presses. At the end of every business day, publishing clients send to P2i, via ftp, the same electronic versions of ads and pages that got to press. These files are received by p2ionline.comproduction group, processed, quality checked, and delivered to the hosting servers by the start of the following business day.

The Process and Features

Implementing p2ionline.comsolutions is easy and requires virtually minimal technical work on the client's part.

    Verticals our hosted solutions support:

  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • Employment
  • Retail
  • Editorial
  • Grocery

Once P2i and the client determine the look and feel that the client wants, a functioning demo is created to be approved by the client. This will be a fully functional, interactive version of the client's print media.

The production process uses highly-sophisticated, proprietary tools to segment and index (database) text and graphics that comprise the elements of p2ionline.comdynamic web page solution. As users click their way through the finished web content, pages are built dynamically from the indexed content. This enables a broad range of features including search, sort and browse functionality.

Benefits | Features of our online newspaper solution

    Newspapers and publishers alike are turning to P2i for several reasons, including:

  • Working with P2i quickly generates additional advertising revenue since it enables the advertisers to reach a wider market.
  • No initial investment outlay is required. The publisher avoids the often-prohibitive development costs needed to develop such a solution. P2i has the benefit of millions of dollars already invested in technology and infrastructure.
  • Newspapers can begin the process at their own pace, and build volume without worrying about additional server capacity and human resource expenses.
  • p2ionline.comsolution extends the reach and the shelf life of the content, be it ads or editorial.
  • 24-hour, 7-day technical support.